Size DOES matter  

At The Big Letter Co, we take pride in being Melbourne’s top hire company, offering the largest range of light up letters and numbers. Our extensive experience with light-up letters and numbers has taught us a few things about how to use them effectively for any event. In this blog, we will explore the different sizes and features of light-up letters and numbers to help you decide which one is right for your next event. 

Lets talk about size!! 

If you are wanting your event to stand out and create a wow factor to your event, then our light up lights provide the extra x-factor to you event.  

We offer three different sizes of light-up letters and numbers to suit various spaces and events. 

60cm (h) Light-Up Letters and Numbers:  

These are perfect for smaller spaces. They can be stand alone or raised on areas such as table tops, ledges, and plinths. Create names, initials, corporate branding, hash tags eg. #LOVE.  They’re great for intimate events like milestone birthdays and small corporate functions or themed parties. You can use them to add a personal touch and draw attention to specific areas of the event space.  If you are limited for space, our 60cm light up letters and numbers will provide the perfect fit for any space.  



1m (h) Light-Up Letters and Numbers:  

These are floor-standing. Popular with milestone birthday parties or branded activiations, they’re ideal for events where you want to make a statement, like photo backdrops or as a focal point in the event space. You can use them to spell out names, initials, or hashtags. They’re perfect for corporate events, product launches, announcements, and larger parties. 



1.5m (h) Light-Up Letters and Numbers 

These are floor-standing and can also be stacked with various sizes. They’re life-size and are a feature on their own. They’re perfect for big spaces, big crowds, outdoors, and expos. You can use them to spell out company names, event titles, or create a focal point in the event space. 




Whilst you are spoilt for choice our light-up letters and numbers have additional features that make them a great choice for your next event:  

  • You can spell any word or make up any number 
  • They can be stacked with various sizes to create an amazing set-up. This feature is a great alternative if you want to spell out something but don’t have the space. 
  • You only need one standard 10-amp power outlet (if the letters or words are separated, you will need extra). 
  • Our light-up letters are so unique that they can be featured alone or decorated with balloons, flowers or backdrops. 
  • The light bulbs can be changed to suit the color theme of your event or brand. 
  • Our light-up letters come in letters, numbers, and symbols. 
  • They look amazing in photos. 
If you’re looking to hire light-up letters for your next event or want to talk about options on how you can create an epic display, contact us for a free consultation or view options via our website. We’re always happy to help you make your event memorable with our high-quality light-up letters and numbers.